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February 12, 2012


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OMG...She's Naked?!?!?!

Sun Feb 12, 2012, 6:59 AM



I have to go see this!!!!


That's right. I'm talking to all you out there. Those of you that go running to see something the minute you see the words, "naked," "pussy," "artistic nude," etc in the same title, line, or image. Yes, that whole large crowd.

I see you.


Model: Unbearable-Lightness | Photographer: Steven A. Brown

I've been noticing this steady decline in quality art popping up on dA. And I'm not here to start any dARama, just so you all know, but I am here to state an opinion. You all have all of your opinions, I'm allowed to speak mine. Anyways, yes, decline in quality. And by this, I don't mean that more kids have run to their crayons and their coloring books and are busy posting that online. No. I'm talking about the literal cell phone crap that I am seeing on the MAIN PAGE of deviantArt. Cell phone shots of women with their legs spread wide - without the mature tag on it. Cell phone shots of women who look red, as though they came from a beating, and (even worse) cell phone shots of guys junk. Honestly, that shit isn't art. Now, I'm not trying to insult anyone's privates, but honestly, there's nothing artistic about a grainy, unedited, non-artistic, unclassy shot. I will remind those who might be guilty of such things, that there are children on this site. And they can read. And they can see. They aren't blind.

But that's not the only thing that I'm here to talk to you all about. Sure, I have issues with the cell phone crotch shots and thanks to Facebook, and most of the net I know what everyone's bedroom/bathroom looks like without trying. However, I'm also talking about the lack of respect that goes on with you trolls, viewers, commenters, critiquers, etc.

For one, when a model is posing nude (and artistically so, for some prestigious photographer, or for a commercial shoot), they are doing it for the art. There could be some money involved, but they aren't going to tell you that through their art. They are going to take on an emotion, or a story, and they are going to play that part. What you see in the photo may be their real body, but it might not be their real self. And by that I mean, you can't look at a photo and automatically think that you know that person inside out.

"Take No Prisoners"
Model: Kacie Marie | Photographer: lepersabstain

What do I mean by that?

I mean, that when you see someone in a photograph, 99% of the time, they are acting. Think about this for a second. The model comes to a shoot with an idea in mind, the photographer comes to a shoot with a list of ideas that will take place during the shoot. The model needs to look sad, she needs to be lusting after this man, or this woman. The model also needs to display some strong body language to convey whatever story might be displayed by a said image. This isn't their story. This is their acting. So, when you look at a model in an image - you can't sit there and tell yourself that you know them. You don't know their favorite color, food, their story, their history or their life goals. You also won't know if they are married, have/had children, how many jobs they work, or how much money they make. What you might know is what the studio looks like, their favorite pose, their body shape, eye color and hair color...should you be paying THAT much attention (and believe me, I'd be impressed if you did.). But knowing what they look like isn't the same as actually knowing them. This means, that if you hit on them, ask them out on a date, ask them to get married, ask if you can get into the bed/bathtub, or in their pants, you are 99.99% likely to get a big fat NO, and a nice big block right after that. Respect people.

"Lost In Void"
Model: Crystal | Photographer: KimberleyCamilleri

And because you do not know the true individual in the image - you cannot go automatically assuming that they are some filthy whore.  Some of the models that I have met and worked with personally, are anything BUT whores. No, they do not sleep with their accompanying models. No, they do not sleep with their photographer. No, they don't sleep around period. Good lord.

For those of you who are unaware, Mr. Michael Helms (aka Pelicanh) has pulled out his gallery. You see, he too was quite tired of the level of disrespect that was going on throughout his gallery. In the matter of fact, the man had turned off all COMMENTS because he didn't have time to sit there and read all the insults that thoughtless people were putting there.

INCLUDING: "Your model should be taken out back and shot like the dog she is."


That, my friends, is not what one calls respect.

In the matter of fact, that isn't the only thing Michael Helms has heard. Oh no. Prior to his deactivation of his gallery, he had blocked nearly 200 people, and he had written a few journals about respect. Does it sound like any of these thoughtless people cared to read it? No. He is not the only one to pull his account. Nude model, DecoGoddess, also pulled her account because of those who are inconsiderate and rude. I've heard several of my own models talk about pulling their account as well. Several of my photographer friends report over 20+ people a day, others have a block list that is longer then the first 7 pages of a good sized novel. To have that much disrespect is un-fucking-real.

As Michael said himself:

"I fear for this generation of loud mouthed, unsophisticated, undereducated, sophomoric juveniles who don't subscribe to decency and good manners. Not all of them, of course... but there is a significant percentage.

I blame the internet for this unchecked bad behavior because there are no consequences for the things they say and do. But how will this spill over to their REAL lives and interactions with REAL people when they face situations that make them uncomfortable?"

Please, do share. Because I am rather curious. If you can be such a bastard online, and so disgustingly rude, then please, do tell me HOW it is that you function in the real world. How on Earth do you still have a job? How has no one fired you yet? And don't sit there with a nasty smile on your face, and tell me it's because "you're a classy motherfucker who can get away with everything." The general public knows better. When you respond with such an answer, you are just giving yourself away to the fact that you are in that 98.99 percentile of heartless commenters who think you can sit behind your computer screens and talk big shit.

And what's worse, are the retorts that us artists have heard from the public. "Well, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen," and "If you can't take criticism, then don't post your photos on line."

First off, calling a model a dog, is anything but criticism.

Secondly, asking to get into the bathtub, or bed with said model has nothing to do with criticism. That's you getting turned on, and wanting a piece of ass that you are not going to get, because you're gonna be shut down.

"My Little Pony"
Model: Roswell-Ivory | Photographer: Hart-Worx

In a blog, written by a nude model and a senior member, Should Nudes Be Allowed In Art?, Unbearable-Lightness also brings some interesting points to light.

"Criticism? That would be one thing, but insults and personal attacks and fixation on body parts are quite another. I've had rude remarks that constitute hate speech about my age and the race of the male model with whom I've worked. Jerks have asked questions no one would dream of asking if I stood before them as a "real" person: Are your boobs real? Can I get in bed, the bath, whatever, with you?

That's not art criticism. It's never even remotely related to art. No matter the age of the person who left the comment, it's immature and inappropriate at the very least. As Mr. Helms said, "What will these flamers and trolls grow up to be? Probably politicians who post photos of their wieners on Twitter." That's assuming they will ever grow up and aren't already decades past the age of majority."

Said blog post raised some angry messages from fellow artists who are both shocked and disappointed at the level of disrespect that has graced any artist's account, or art. The fact that people can get away with this because of modern-day technology just adds to the further sickening feeling some get when they read comments as terrible as what Michael Helm's work was subjected too.

Other opinions included:

"Well, it's unfortunate that artists are being harassed to the point that they feel like they need to remove their art. I enjoy many different forms of art, and I enjoy artistic nudes because I think the female body is a work of art in it's many different forms. There are all types out there and on the WWW who knows who you will come in contact with, I just wish that people wouldn't hide behind there anonymity on the WWW and use that as an excuse to be incredible crass and crude and make the obscene gestures and comments that you know they would not do if you were sitting face to face with them." ~Anonymous

"Why they gravitate to art nudes, I don't know. I mean I understand why young boys would be drawn in - they may not have had much opportunity to see a nude woman before they turned 18. But why they feel like it's the Old West once they get to a nude photographer's or model's page is beyond me. Clearly, there's a disconnect. I'm not so sure that it's so much hiding behind the anonymity, but rather that they don't see the person at the other end as a real person. All they see is glowing pixels. This is an interactive video game to them." -phydeau

"There's nothing is wrong with nude art, and the problem is that people with low intelligence and have problem with sexuality who write bad stuff about nude.If nude is wrong than all Greek goddesses sculptures should all be taken down! This is really childish and stupid if someone says bad things about nude art." -Darksyler7Raven

As you can tell, some of these people are just as appalled as I am.

"Hair & Boots"
Model: pixielovesyou | Photographer: rolandbutter

Another thing about nude work - if the model/makeup artist/painter/photographer WANTED a critique, they would activate that nice little critique feature to be placed under their deviation. If that little feature isn't chilling there, then it could almost 100% be presumed that we don't want to hear your critique. The lighting could be better? Oh, that's nice, are you the photographer? That piece is a little blown out. Well, maybe for your taste - but perhaps the artist was aiming for that. That pose doesn't suit your liking? I'm sorry, I believe that's the pose the model when into. What we do as artists is guaranteed to not suit everyone's liking. We don't always aim to please the public. A lot of the time, we are doing this for ourselves. Rather shocking bit of information, isn't it?  

In another post, Unbearable-Lightness asks, "Is there someone going around forcing people to look at art, like maybe putting toothpicks in their eyelids to force their eyeballs open? Must be, because people still haven't caught on. If you don't like something, don't look at it. Don't look at it numerous times and leave nasty comments about it. Don't wait to be blocked. Go away and don't come back."

^I bring that point to light, simply because some of you seem to come just to hate on the model. To hate on the editing, the size, the age, the hair color, the pose, the particular body part, the fact that you don't see pussy, etc. I mean really - is someone holding a gun to your head and making you look at whatever is on your computer screen? No? I didn't think so. There's an "X" at the top of your browser for a reason. How about you use it? Great. Thanks.

If you want to see pussy, look for one of those shitty cell phone shots, or better yet, log onto that porn site that your wife doesn't know that you have an account to, and go browse those galleries and videos. Because if the model's gallery is lacking in the "crotch shot department," then the chance of her putting one up just for you is about as slim as money raining from the sky.

Honestly, I wouldn't be on such a tangent, if this shit didn't happen every damn day that I'm on here. And if I don't see it personally, I hear about, and if I don't hear about it, someone usually brings it to my attention in some other form.

Why? Because I'm here more often then you think.

I don't understand this need to hate on women who model for the art. I don't understand this need to leave such filthy comments. I don't understand the reason to flame everyone model you see. I just don't get the damned point. And maybe I will never understand, maybe no one out there can give me a decent answer. But I can at least try, because I know that I'm not the only one who's sick of these types of "games." I'm not the only one who finds this unbelievably disrespectful. My models are tired of it. Friends are tired of it. Photographers are tired of it. I'M tired of it.

The only reason why I stay here, is because I move past the flame, and the dirty trashy thoughtless people. I realize that there are still some wonderful photographers and models out there, and that somewhere, hidden in the very VERY back, dark, corners of deviantArt, there is true art. One must dig a little to find it.


:iconspotlightplz: Art :iconspotlightplz:

"Ryo Laughing"
Model: Ryo-Says-Meow | Photographer: PerryGallagher

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_Osannda IV. by Bloddroppe Ulorin - 1 by shadowimagephoto
76867 by aleksandra88 Bored Jed and the bombshell by luciekout Kitty Cat Lina by grigjr

"Lucy In Disguise"
Model: LaurenCalaway | Photographer: JaimeIbarra


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thetaoofchaos Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013   Writer
JosefinaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Professional Photographer
:) :nod:
The-Black-Wolf-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As long as it's actually art, and has a mature tag (because you did state there are children, and some parents can get annal because "Oh my God there's tits this site is evil" bullshit is easy to spread nowadays), I believe it's art. It's not art I particularly like, but nonetheless, there's time and emotion put into it.

I also say put a mature tag on it for the reason that some people don't want to see it. I, for one, am one of those people. I tried skipping the images as best I could in this. It's not that I don't think it's art - it's just my own personal beliefs that one should keep their body to themself... and others should respect that. That doesn't mean people have to follow it, but I'd much rather know that "Oh hey, there's going to be nudity in this" beforehand so I can decide whether or not I wish to view it.

As for the pictures that took thirty seconds to take, those just need to be taken off. If you're going to post photography, make it legit art, not just "This is me and my clearly visible tits / vag / dick."
JosefinaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Professional Photographer
But you see, the thing with the mature tag is, that can be turned off, and often is. Even by those who shouldn't turn it off. They do. So therefore even that mature tag is somewhat not of any use. So some of these flaming trolls could be those of the younger years, and we just don't know because they don't state their age on their profiles.

But yes, pictures that took thirty seconds to take need to be kicked off. None of this "This is me" bullshit.
The-Black-Wolf-Angel Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I say put mature tags for those who will actually, y'know, not be a dumbass. If they click it and don't like it, they were warned, they have no right to bitch. :T It's like saying "Hey this machine could possibly lop off your hand - do you really want to use it?" "Pft, I don't ca-- OH MY GOD MY HAND YOU HEARTLESS BITCH GO DIE."
... Maybe not to THAT much of an extreme, but you get my point, right? ._.

And the cellphone shit is the stuff that bugs me the most. Like I said, I don't particularly like nudity in pictures, but at least with the pictures shown in this, it was pursued with full artistic intentions and not "omg i liek want vewzzz".
JosefinaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Professional Photographer
Bahaha, yea I do. People abuse shit for the sake of abusing it. Stupid individuals. :smoking:

I completely agree. Dear god.
luciekout Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012  Professional Photographer
well said Josefina :thumbsup:
JosefinaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Professional Photographer
Soul-Reader Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012   Writer
Well said love. I've not been into nude photography before, because being abused as a child has prevented me from looking at it; but you have introduced me to it in a gentle graceful manner, and I love the features that you do. I don't know why these immature people can't just accept that models/photographers are normal people like them, and the majority of the time, better people!? These models are not forcing their careers down other people's throats, people actually choose to click on the photo and view it. Why don't people target the murderers of this world, the rapists?

In the words of Thumper's mother; 'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'.

JosefinaPhotography Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thank you! You remember the stories I told you? I can relate, but I've meet some truly wonderful people doing that line of work, and I've seen some wonderful stuff - I've just had to look. :nod:

I have no idea what causes these people to think the way they do. They all anger me. Greatly. No, the models aren't forcing anyone into anything. I've been asked to model with the models and I've politely declined and no one gave me shit about it. So, I don't see why people have to make such a damn big deal. They do choose to click, and if they don't like what they see, then they can just "X" out of the screen, like any decent person would do. -___-

I'd love to know the same thing. People who murder and who rape are the ones we should be giving the true shit too.


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